Hello thanks for visiting us at Battle Creek Armory. If you have a minute I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and how Battle Creek came to be. My story begins like most people with guns trying to find affordable ways to obtain products for our family’s defense. I'm sure all of you have been through similar situations like this as well. These clever ways lead me to gun shows where I learned a lot about this business by asking a lot of questions. Through the years I formed relationships always enjoying my fellow brothers in arms. These relationships have been a huge help to my journey. My first purchased AR15 was a basic factory built rifle. I fell in love with the platform right away. I loved the accuracy and the lack of felt recoil. Plus the vast amount of versatility. And so the addiction began.

After the Sandy Hook tragedy I told myself I would buy as many AR15 parts as I could afford and learn to build. So when the parts came back in stock I built myself a workbench bought a bunch of tools and started to learn how to build my own AR15 rifle. I dedicated myself to learning this trait. Along the way lessons have been learned some good and some bad. The one lesson that stood out very clear to me was without quality parts things could go very wrong fast. This is why I started Battle Creek Armory. Remembering the struggles of what it was like to get the best price on parts for a budget build. Only to find out that several of the parts didn't line up right. So I decided to start a company that would provide quality parts that are easy to build with. Along with that I would build upper assemblies in different styles and calibers. Offering platforms that were ready to swap and go at a moment’s notice.

Here at Battle Creek Armory we have two main goals. Our first goal is to provide our customers the best product for a reasonable price. It’s that simple!! Our last goal is to stand behind our products and build relationships with our customers daily. We believe if you take care of folks they will take care of you too. As a customer you will be able to see with your own eyes our dedication to a quality product first hand. Together we live and breathe the 2nd Amendment everyday this is what intertwines us. Most of us have the same values. Here are our values at Battle Creek Armory: God first always!! Next love and protect your family!! After that the rest will work itself out. Many people have fought and died for our right to bear arms. So in their honor let’s be responsible and enjoy this lifestyle fully.


Battle Creek Armory